Meet the Vibe Ventures team

A dedicated and talented crew

Built for digital age.

We are a flexible, diverse and entrepreneurial digital agency, wired for the audacious, for the outliers, and for founders and marketers alike who refuse to settle for mediocrity. We believe true innovation comes from not being afraid to say “yes” to new ideas and “no” to the mediocre.

We take pride in asking the tough questions and helping our clients sidestep potential obstacles. Binary Ventures is a creative, technology-driven solutions leader. We leverage branding, in-depth research, creative design, marketing strategy, analytics and technical innovation to connect consumers to groundbreaking products and awesome companies.

Together, we create websites and brands, build custom web and mobile-based applications for clients, and market their products and services. We think of our clients as family and friends.

The team

Steve Nolan

Steve Nolan |Managing Principal

Elisa DeCastro

Elisa |UX/UI Designer


Erin | Copy Writer

Evan Fernandes

Evan |Digital Designer/Web Designer

Emily Decker

Emily | Photographer

Eric Morgan

Eric | Director of Operations


Mike | Creative Director

Yash Minstry

Yash | Graphic Designer


Tesla | Team Mascot

We are located in South Charlotte, NC.

Fun facts about our studio

We understand what it means to be a startup, to lay everything on the line in order to build successful companies. Throughout our office we have over ten witty quotes on the walls meant to inspire not only our clients but spark creativity and encouragement!

Fun facts about Charlotte, NC

First, Charlotte’s city streets are like a state park adorned with lots of well-manicured lawns and trees. Second, we call downtown “uptown” and have a three-way intersection known as Queens, Queens and Queens. Third, pretty much no one living in Charlotte, other than our children, are actually from Charlotte. We’re the home for NASCAR, Hornets, Carolina Panthers, US National Whitewater Center and Vibe Capital and Vibe Ventures (we link these).